Ghostbusters?? Not!!!

Cherry On Top

2016-07-22 23.09.51.jpg

Cherry On Top (Ghostbusters…Not??!!)ย 

The Cherry On Top for me was on Friday 22nd July 2016, when I spent a beautiful afternoon with my daughter at the Southbank in Waterloo, London. As we were heading back to the station we saw a replica Ghostbusters vehicle.

What was amusing is that theย “Ghostbusters”ย were the most unenthusiastic pair of ghost fighting blokes I could ever imagine left to fight the dark forces of the underworld. Or perhaps, controversially they’re not ok with the latest offering of the movie! Loved seeing them (reluctantly) posing with the tourists & the car was a pretty cool copy (I thought so anyway) of the real thing.


4 thoughts on “Ghostbusters?? Not!!!

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