A Little Bit About Me

Thoughts from a Black Girl’s Diary

Hello World!

If you’ve stumbled upon my page by accident then welcome! If you’re someone who visits my blog often, then thanks so much for taking the time to read my ramblings or even ‘liking’ or following me.

I hope all of you stick around long enough to say hello and continue to read the stuff I write.

I love to write about lots of things, but not anything in particular. I enjoy creative writing and I’ve had a few bits and pieces published, most recently in an anthology entitled;

Adverbially Challenged, Volume 1 and also Adverbially Challenged, Volume 2.

I’m Steph Sybliss by the way and if you click on the links you’ll find my work in both anthologies.

BTW: Thanks so much Christopher Fielden for the opportunity 



Sometimes my blog entries are yoga driven, so I’ll write about it from the viewpoint of my own personal experiences. Other times I’ll write about things that bug me, beguile me or even bewilder me.

My thoughts may even be expressed in the form of short stories or the occasional bit of poetry.  They are just my thoughts that I’m writing down on a virtual piece of paper, so some of what I write is not necessarily from a huge font of know-how or any particular expertise.

But I absolutely love writing and sharing my experiences with some kindred spirits, so this is a big THANK YOU for all your support and my dear friends; your opinions are always welcome.



Steph Js


Copyright: SjS 2017



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